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Color block me, please!

Hello Charm Girls!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. The weather in New York City is so beautiful and it reminds me that we need to talk about colors. Enough talk of the dark and sober colors of winter. It’s time to brighten up your “ tenue” and add some colors that pop!

I don’t know if you took time to go shopping recently or looked at any fashion magazines, but this summer promises to be very colorful. The trend for this summer/spring is color blocks. Color blocks mean creating an outfit by associating contrasting and complementary, bold and bright, blocks of colors together. They are everywhere!

Color Block

Clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and even make up!



Now, I love colors believe me. But I recommend you not go overboard with them. Especially if you are not sure of what you are doing. You might end up looking like a clown!

One other thing to keep in mind, just because it is fashion doesn’t mean it looks good. I went around to some store displays in New York and I am sorry to say, some of the outfits are awful and no one will look good in such “accoutrements”!


Here is how not to go wrong with colors:

First, don’t use more than 3 colors. Too many colors will make you look too busy. More than 3 colors is too much going on. Colors are supposed to make you look good and brighten your skin complexion. So, if you wear too much color, people might not see you, but rather the colors. Particularly if you wear intense colors.


The best way to go with colors is to choose one dominant color and use the others to adorn it. The dominant color should be one that attracts attention. The other colors you add should be more basic and neutral like grey, brown, beige, black, white, etc…

Don’t wear the total monotonous look. Even if it’s your favorite color, it’s boring and way too much. In France, we use the expression “casser une couleur ” which means to break up the color. For example, don’t wear a yellow jacket with a yellow t-shirt. Break it up with a white t-shirt. It looks way better.


Always adapt the color to your body type. Use more dark and neutral colors on the parts of your body where you don’t want to draw attention to and use brighter colors where you actually want people to look.

Accessori moda donna per l'estate 2012 - Tendenze moda primavera...

If you decide to wear colored accessories and shoes then go really easy on the clothes and stay with more neutral tones. As I was explaining earlier, it is too much for the eyes. The other night, one of my French girlfriends came out to dinner with a black jumper and a black jacket. She paired it with gold accessories and hot pink shoes! I thought her whole outfit looked beautiful and chic. It was perfect for the night. The shoes correctly brightened up her outfit and gave her style without being too much. That is how you should play with colors.

Color block

How should you associate colors?


To use the color block trend, you absolutely need to know which colors work well together and which colors don’t. For this you can use this color wheel.

Complementary colors, are colors, which are on the opposite sides of each other. They create a contrasting effect when they are combined. If you chose to combine contrasting colors, do as I said. Chose one that will be the dominant and the other one as an adornment. To combine 3 colors together, draw a triangle with 3 equal sides on top of the color circle. The 3 points where the triangle intersects the circle will generally work well together and harmonize nicely. But, I recommend that you pick only 2 colors rather than 3.


You can also pick 2 or 3 colors that are adjacent to each other on the wheel. For example, green; yellow; and orange can make a good combination.

Lipsy dress

Don’t associate 2 dark colors. It looks too heavy. Like brown and black or navy blue and black. This doesn’t mean this combination will never work well together, but if you are a little shy with colors and are not comfortable creating harmonious outfits, just avoid them.

Alright girlfriends, I hope you enjoyed this post, I see you next week!




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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you

  2. kandace says:

    so if I’m wearing a peach and white stripped dress what colors would go best

  3. vani says:

    i was wondering whether beige wedges would go with this whole look or would it be too much beige

    white top
    beige shorts
    orange belt
    orange watch

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